Helpful Hints

Keeping It Green

To help reduce paper waste, we are cutting back on our session packets and providing as much information as possible online. Once you book a session, we’ll send you a Model Release and Copyright Acknowledgement statement that you’ll need to sign and return prior to your session.


Our biggest request by far is for outdoor, on-location portraits but we offer In-Home setup as well. When scheduling your session, we’ll decide together on the best location for you.

Clothing and Accessories

You cannot bring too many clothes or accessories. Shoes, hats, scarves, jewelry and for children – a favorite toy, stuffed animal or blankie all make great accessories to show character in your images. We recommend bringing a small rollaway suitcase or tote with your outfits and accessories. Make sure to include a hair brush, lip gloss or chapstick and a bottle of water.

Clothing Colors and Patterns

A basic recommendation that works for all session types is no stripes, patterns or logos and solid colored shirts with jeans or khakis. This is especially important for families or large groups.

If you’d like to step out a bit and add some character and pop to your session, coordinated color can be a lot of fun. Try bright or bold colors, or a favorite patterned outfit for a baby or child.

When discussing location for your session, it’s good to think about what you plan to dress your child in so we can talk about coordinating location colors with outfit colors.


It goes without saying, but children should be fed, rested, and healthy for our session. Hungry, tired or sick children do not make happy subjects. While we’re on the topic, this applies to small and tall people.


We request that sessions be limited to the subjects being photographed and one or two parents (if subjects are minors). A grandparent or friend to lend a helping hand with babies and children is always welcome.


Absolutely no cameras or video cameras allowed during sessions.


We try to avoid them and hope you will too but should something unavoidable arise, please provide 24-hours notice to have your creative fee applied to a new date. Fees may only be transferred once.