High School Seniors

Parents & Seniors – My experience in lighting & posing combined with an intuitiveness of your personality brings out the best in you. As I pose you and watch for the little details in your hair and outfit, I’m looking for the best possible direction of natural light for you, the most attractive, but least distracting background and finally the moment your expression shows you at your best!

“A portrait is a painting, photograph, sculpture, or other artistic representation of a person, in which the face and its expression is predominant. The intent is to display the likeness, personality, and even the mood of the person. For this reason, in photography a portrait is generally not a snapshot, but a composed image.”

Location – Choose from multiple outdoor locations in Southern Oregon including, Medford, Ashland and Jacksonville for your Senior Portraits!

Bring lots of outfits – We’ll pose you for the best look in Senior Pictures! We know the places you’ll love! Our extensive understanding of outdoor and location shooting makes us the right choice for your special moments in life. Have an idea you don’t see on our website…call us, we’ll make it happen!   Read more below…

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Connor_Senior_Barn_Ashland_Oregon.jpgAndrea_Guitar_Alley_Ashland_Oregon.jpgAndrea_Senior_Railroad_Tracks_Ashland_Oregon.jpgConnor_Senior_Lithia_Park_Ashland_Oregon.jpgLauren | Eagle Point High School Senior | Medford Pump HouseILauren | Eagle Point High School Senior | Medford Country RoadAndrew | Eagle Point High School | Ashland OregonLauren | Eagle Point High School Senior | Lithia ParkLauren | Eagle Point High School Senior | AshlandMeghan's Senior Picture | Lithia Park Bridge | Ashland OregonSenior Picture | Meghan | Ashland High School | Downtown Ashland ORegonSenior Picture | Mattie with Old Truck Medford OregonSenior Picture | Mattie - Tire Swing | Central Point OregonSenior Picture | Meghan | Ashland High School | Leather Jacket on StairsSenior Picture | Heather | Whitewash Pump House | Medford OregonSenior Picture | Heather | Cowboy Hat at Pump House | Medford OregonSenior Picture | Heather | Pump House Window | Medford OregonSenior Picture | Heather | Black & White on Old Pallets | Medford OregonSenior Picture | Heather | Street Scene with Boots | Medford OregonBaylee | North Medford High School | Ashland LocationBaylee | High School Senior | Top Spots Ashland OregonSenior Picture | Baylee | Ashland OregonBaylee | NMHS | Ashland Oregon Railroad TracksBaylee | North Medford High School | Railroad Track SignalBaylee | Track Star | NMHS | Ashland Oregon Railroad TracksSenior Picture | Baylee | NMHS | Ashland Railroad TracksBaylee | North Medford High SChoolBaylee | NMHS | Medford Oregon AlleySenior Picture | Baylee | Medford Oregon AlleySenior Picture | Baylee | NMHS | Letterman's JacketMeghan - Ashland High School | Black & White | Leather JacketSenior Picture | Becky at Lithia ParkSenior Picture | Becky - Fall Lithia ParkSenior Picture | Becky in Black Lithia ParkSenior Picture | Becky - Creek Lithia ParkClarece | Central Point High School | Gazebo Scene Clarece - Central Point High School | Smug Pots in FieldSenior Picture | Clarece - Ashland TreeSierra - Ashland High School | AlleySierra - Ashland High School | Alley2Sierra - Ashland High School | TreeSierra - Ashland High School | Water TankJustin - Ashland High School | Lithia ParkJustin - Ashland High School | AlleyJustin | Ashland Train TracksBecky | Lithia Park | AshlandBecky | Lithia Park BridgeSenior Picture | Jessi | Inside Four Daughters Irish Pub | 126 W. Main Street | Medford OregonSenior Picture | Jessi | Medford AlleyJessi | Medford AlleySierra Kistler | Ashland High School


Session Details – Average photography session takes 60-90 minutes. If you’re nervous about being photographed…don’t be. We will consult with you on outfits, location, things of interest (sports, music, cars, dance, etc.).

Feedback – The biggest response we get from High School Seniors we’ve photographed is how much fun they had!

Experience – We’ve photographed up to 150 High School Seniors a year! Experience counts!